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We had such a smile on our faces this past Sunday. I was planning to do some dishes and retrieved my plastic glove from the laundry room, one that I hadn't used in many months. Inside was a note, "FOUND THIS IN THE DRYER VENT, A SMILEY FACE, AND SIGNED DA PLUMBER." We couldn't figure out how a rubber glove got in the dryer vent. Then I looked again and there was a $5.00 bill in the glove! That is what DA PLUMBER found in the dryer vent many months ago when he changed it out. He hid it in the rubber glove with the note. We smiled at such honesty.

If you know who DA PLUMBER is, who changed out our vent last fall, we would like to "buy him lunch" (give him $20). It is just good to know in this crazy world that people can be so honest. Let us know.

Annmarie and Glenn Douglas

"Da Plumber" - CARE Employee Story

Chip was extremely professional and thorough. His knowledge of energy conservation was obvious and he explained everything in layman’s terms. We are very happy with CARE and look forward to having CARE perform the work.

Mr. Gray

Home Energy Assessment

They did a great job at my house. I am so grateful!


Energy Savings

The guys were wonderful. They were quick, respectful, and courteous. They answered all my questions. I recommended CARE to all my neighbors.”



I have never worked with a company that was so eager to please the customer. Everyone I talked to was professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I have told all my neighbors, friends and insurance agents how pleased I was with the entire process.


Water Mitigation

The CARE team was so friendly, and so encouraging, and just so diligent in doing what they were doing. They went above and beyond what they were supposed to.

Bobbi Jo


My husband and I want to share with you that Bob (CARE team member) has been wonderful to work with during our basement flood clean up and restoration. Bob has been professional and caring. He has gone over and above what I expected to make us happy. He has communicated very well and has double checked on everything. We have been very happy with the way Jimmy has taken care of us during a difficult time


Water Mitigation
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