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Insulation Company Insulation

C.A.R.E.- Property Services provides a variety of insulations so you can select the option that best meets your home or commercial facilities specific needs.

These include:

  • Injection Foam
  • Two Part Foam
  • Blown Cellulose
  • Fiberglass Batt

Injection Foam

Over the past few years, insulation technology has come a long way! C.A.R.E. – Property Services, Inc. is leading the way with our premium injection foam insulation for interior and exterior walls.

Why does it work so well? Our injectable insulation for homes is pumped into wall spaces as a liquid, where it flows freely throughout the wall cavity—getting behind wires, pipes, electrical outlets, and into cracks and crevices that other insulation can’t reach—and then hardens to keep valuable conditioned air inside your home where it belongs. Your home stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer–quieter too!

  • Greater energy efficiency–up to 35% higher R-Value than fiberglass, cellulose, or rockwool
  • Reduces dust, mold and mildew
  • Reduces air filtration
  • Ecofriendly- contains no petrochemicals and is safe, with no harmful emissions that can cause allergic reactions
  • Won’t settle over time like other types of insulation
  • Excellent fire retardant

Premium Air Sealing

The Need for Air Sealing A Home

insulation hanover paEvery home, regardless of age, needs to be Air Sealed. During construction of your home, the tradesmen created many openings in the foundation, walls, ceiling and attic. These opening carry water and sewer piping, electrical wiring, lighting and exhaust systems. The tradesmen also created “Air Chases” that run these systems from the basement to upper floors.

These opening and “Air Chases” were never sealed before the interior finishes were installed. They now create “highways of air” that move from room to room and floor to floor. The hidden air leaks in your home are equal to leaving a large window open all year long, no matter the weather outside. Just think about the energy wasted and the money you’re spending for that free-flowing energy all year long, and you’ll quickly understand the value of enlisting the aid of our talented
air sealing contractors.

Why CARE Premium Air Sealing

insulation hanover paCARE Premium Air Sealing will “Search and Seal” the hidden leaks built into your home. Premium Air Sealing prevents outside air, pollutants, dangerous soil gases and condensation from entering your home. “If we can not keep the good air inside and the natural air outside, we cannot dramatically reduce your energy consumption.” We “Search and Seal” every gap and crack in the building and use a variety of specialized sealing and heat resistant products to stop the unwanted flow of air. Your home will be more comfortable with even temperature among the rooms. We eliminate drafts and keep pollutants outside where they belong. Best of all, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 20%.

What about my existing insulation?

CARE Premium Air Sealing works well with your existing insulation. Our technicians will move existing insulation aside before sealing the many leaks in your attic and replace it afterward. You may choose to upgrade the insulation in your attic, walls and floors (crawl space).

Two Part Foam

Spray foam insulation can be categorized into two different types: open cell and closed cell.

Open cell foam insulation

Insulation Company Open cell is a type of foam where the tiny cells are not completely closed. Open cell is less expensive because it uses fewer chemicals. It is a very good air barrier but does not provide any type of water vapor barrier. It is much more sponge-like in appearance. It is often used for interior walls because it provides sound reduction. It is not recommended for outdoor applications.

Closed cell foam insulation

Closed cell foam insulation is much denser than open cell. It has a smaller, more compact cell structure. It is a very good air barrier as well as a water vapor barrier. It is often used in crawl spaces , roofing projects or other outdoor applications, but can be used anywhere in the home.

Benefits of Two Part Foam

Insulation that is sprayed in buildings protects against moisture, which provides the benefit of reducing the chance of harmful mold and mildew. Eliminating mold growth reduces the likelihood of rotting wood in a home, and allergic reactions to mold spores.

In addition to building temperature and moisture control, spray foam insulation is often used to reduce noise. Foam insulation serves as a barrier to airborne sounds, and reduces airborne sound transfer through a building’s roof, floor and walls.

Blown Cellulose

Cellulose is a loose-fill insulation that is growing in popularity. Made primarily from recycled newspapers and treated with a fire retardant, cellulose is usually blown into attics, walls and ceiling cavities with a special blowing machine.


Fiberglass is sold in batts that fit between wall studs and ceiling joists. Larger fiberglass blankets can be set on top of joists in an attic, while loose fiberglass can be blown into cavities. You can buy fiberglass that is wrapped or made with “low-itch” fibers, thus eliminating a major irritant for many people.

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One Out Of Six People Who Suffer From Allergies Do So Because Of The Direct Relationship To The Fungi And Bacteria In Air Duct Systems. (Total Health & Better Health Magazines).

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