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Small Business Program

Keep your competitive edge by saving money and energy.

Take advantage of Pepco & Delmarva energy savings program. Receive cash incentives for upgrading your equipment Keep your competitive edge by saving money and energy. Take advantage of Pepco & Delmarva energy savings program.

Under Governor Martin O’Malley’s “EmPOWER Maryland” initiative, the State will reduce energy consumption by 15 percent by 2015. To help achieve this goal, MEA encourages residents to adopt the energy saving measures that are most appropriate for their home. In many cases, these measures do not require a large financial investment.

As part of the EmPOWER Maryland legislation, Maryland’s five utilities offer many programs to save your home or business energy—and money! The Maryland Public Service Commission approved higher rebates from 2012 to 2014, so there’s never bfree energy auditseen a better time to improve the efficiency of your home or business.

Rebates are calculated on a pre-approved basis for lighting, refrigeration, water heating, HVAC, kitchen equipment and other building and custom improvments.

CARE’s energy assessments qualify small businesses for utility cash rebates. CARE provides the Free energy audits with Lockheed Martin as part of the EmPOWER Maryland program. The program incentives are provided for the installation of new energy efficient equipment. Equipment can be installed with as little as 10% cost. Get new fixtures, lighting and equipment for pennies on the dollar!

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Advanced Incentives

    • free energy auditsLED Lighting – the incentive is designed to be approximately 80% – 90% of the Program-estimated installed cost for each measure
    • VFD and Refrigeration measures: which cost less than $2,000: the incentive will be approximately 80% – 90% of the Program-estimated installed cost
    • For more expensive VFD and Refrigeration measures: the incentive will cover 40% – 50% of Program-estimated installed costs
    • Kitchen equipment: up to100% for upgrading to new energy efficient ENERGY STAR® qualified electric equipment for food preparation
    • Custom measures (Alternative): measures not eligible for standard may be eligible for a onetime payment of $0.30/kWh based on one year of projected savings. The incentives support up to 80% of the installed cost, and are offered on measures with payback periods of at least 6 months. There is no minimum energy saving requirement 

Small Business Program Eligibility

In order to be eligible to receive the Small Business Program incentives, customers will need to:

  • Have monthly demand of 100 kW or less over the last twelve months. This information can be found on your electricity bills.
  • Take advantage of the Program-provided Walk- Through Energy Assessment.
  • Implement the low cost/no cost measure(s) identified in the Walk-Through Energy Assessment.
  • The approved service provider (CARE Energy Solutions) must complete the project within the timelines outlined in the application workbook. 
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Free Energy Assessment

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