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Crawl Space Waterproofing

C.A.R.E.  uses a 20-mil crawl space vapor barrier that is installed on the floors and walls of a crawl space area.

Crawl Space Waterproofing


The vapor barrier is also suitable for dirt basements, basements that have very uneven walls and floors, or basements with an enormous rock or similar unmovable object in the space.

Crawl Space Waterproofing


Once installed, this 20 mil vapor barrier completely stops moisture from passing through to the home, including moisture from the dirt below and water vapor from dirt and concrete walls.

When combined with an airtight crawl space vent and/or door, the vapor barrier system will also protect your crawl space or basement from outside moisture and humidity that would otherwise pass in through openings in the crawl space walls (such as crawl space vents and openings around pipe penetrations).

Installing a 20 mil crawl space vapor barrier in your home ensures a healthier, better preserved home. A dry crawl space will not be damaged by mold and moisture, saving you money on eventual expensive repairs. And because moisture and outside air are not dampening your crawl space insulation and bringing their temperatures and humidity into your home, you will benefit from significant energy savings in your home.

All crawl spaces are built differently, that’s why we have a large line of crawl space products and solutions, designed to address and improve any crawl space problem you’re home may be experiencing.  To get started, call or contact us by e-mail today!

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