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Infrared Imaging

Infrared inspection or Thermography, is used throughout the energy conservation and restoration industries as a key diagnostic tool for finding problems in your home. Infrared inspections are a non destructive, non contact and a cost effective way to detect and document defects. We specialize in the Thermal imaging applications shown below.

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Infrared roof inspection – Infrared roof moisture survey will find wet insulation on flat roofs and roof systems.
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Electrical infrared Inspection – Infrared electrical surveys of cabinets and components for loose connections, worn parts and overloads.
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Mechanical infrared – Infrared for rotating and mechanical equipment finds excess heat caused by wear, over/under lubrication and other factors.
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Building envelope infrared surveys – Thermal imaging for energy waste, steam leaks. Building envelope survey for missing insulation and air infiltration.
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Structural Infrared inspections of CMU walls – Find missing grout and other structural deficiencies in concrete masonry walls.
Energy Audits – The first step to lowering your utility bill is knowing what to do! An Energy audit can find where energy is escaping,and you lower your utility bills.
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Solar Panels – Infrared imaging should be used to inspect the roof for moisture as wall as commission the electronics of commercial solar panel arrays and residential PV solar installations.
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Infrared pipe and steam leak Inspection Services – Infrared is the perfect tool for finding steam or water leaks from pipes buried underground or in the floor substrate. Breaks can be pin pointed and repaired without needless and destructive digging. Contact us for all types of commercial and residential Infrared services
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