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Bathtub Liner

A bathtub liner is a great way to bring new life to a tub without replacement.

Let us give your old bathtub a new life with a quality bathtub liner

No room gets more use than the bathroom, which is why so many homeowners want to upgrade these rooms when they show signs of wear or start to look out of date. Having a bathtub liner installed is a great way to create a shiny, durable, attractive new bathtub right on top of a dull, worn-out tub.

A tub liner is a seamless sheet of high-quality acrylic plastic that is custom-formed to fit snugly over an existing tub. When this type of retrofit is done, it’s usually combined with a new bathtub surround also made from acrylic sheet material. Both the tub liner and the tub surround are available in white and other colors, enabling you to change your bath color scheme while making these improvements.

C.A.R.E. Property Services, Inc can give you a quality tub liner installation in Maryland, Delaware, and Central Pennsylvania. This can be done as its own upgrade or as part of a larger bathroom remodel, and we will help you determine the best solution for your needs. Call us today at 1-888-243-1936 or click below to get a free estimate!

Benefits of installing a tub liner

A wide range of colors and styles
Stain and fade resistant
Customized to fit your tub
Fast installation

Make your bathtub look like new with a tub liner

If you’re interested in adding a tub liner to your bathroom, give C.A.R.E. Property Services, Inc a call or contact us online to schedule a FREE design consultation and bath liner estimate. We proudly offer all our bathroom remodeling services in Hanover, York, Mc Sherrystown, Spring Grove, Littlestown, Abbottstown, Glenville, Codorus, Lineboro, New Oxford and nearby areas in Maryland & Pennsylvania.

Installing a tub liner vs. reglazing or refinishing an old tub

Both of these options are popular among homeowners interested in budget-minded bathroom remodels because they are less costly and less disruptive than total tub replacement. In most cases, an old bathtub can be refinished or topped with a tub liner in a day. There’s no need to demolish walls or do other major tear-out work. Instead of being out of commission for several days, the bathroom can be used the following day.

Installing a bathtub liner is a smart choice when you’re dealing with a steel or cast-iron tub that’s standard in size and style. A high-quality liner can easily be custom fit to these tubs and will provide an extremely durable, long-lasting finished surface with excellent resistance to impact, chemicals, and staining. Many hotels have tub liners installed as an alternative to complete tub replacement because they like the appearance, durability, and economy that tub liners provide.

Combine a tub liner with a tub surround

It’s smart to have a new bathtub surround installed to match or complement a new tub liner. Like a tub liner, a tub surround is made from thick, strong seamless acrylic. Your new surround won’t ever crack, leak or attract mold like a tiled tub surround. In addition to giving your bathroom a shiny new look, this treatment will make your tub area virtually maintenance free.

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