Water Emergencies

Emergency Flooding Repair in Hanover & Gettysburg

Fast action is essential

When a basement floods for any reason, it should be pumped out as quickly as possible to minimize moisture damage and mold problems.

Quick response for leaks, pipe bursts, and other plumbing failures

Many homes experience some sort of water damage, often the result of internal plumbing failures (including hot water heater flooding, washing machine hose flooding or dishwasher flooding) or natural disasters like river flooding and hurricanes.

Water leaks and flooding can happen for numerous reasons. Regardless of the cause, one rule always applies: Get expert repair services as soon as possible. C.A.R.E. Property Services, Inc. has the right resources and discovery recovery experience to respond quickly to your plumbing emergency and provide effective repair solutions.

We provide fast written estimates for emergency water damage repair in Hanover & Gettysburg during regular business hours.

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