Board Up

Board Up Services for Securing Your Home & Belongings After a Fire in Hanover & Gettysburg

Board Up

With our help you’ll minimize property loss by securing your damaged building

Two questions are likely to be asked in rapid succession when a building is damaged by a storm, flood, or other natural disasters: “How bad is the damage?” and “How can I secure the building?”

It may take some time to answer the first question. But C.A.R.E. Property Services, Inc. can handle the second question right away. Seeing your home or business damaged is bad enough; you shouldn’t have to worry about unwanted visitors entering the building. Our board-up services will help you feel secure about the security of your building.

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What you can expect from our fire board-up service

Fast response. A natural disaster can leave your building open and vulnerable to vandalism, theft, and undesirable entry. So can a vehicle crash that creates an unexpected opening. Quick action is important, and it often needs to happen outside of normal business hours. That’s no problem for C.A.R.E. Property Services, Inc. Our crews are available 24/7. We’ll answer your call and get to work right away.
Careful installation. Our fire damage repair response crews are speedy, but they’re not sloppy or careless. When we board up a building that is likely to be restored and returned to service, we take care to minimize damage to siding, trim, and other building elements that may be restored or reused.
Weather protection, too. Board-up services are often combined with temporary tarp installation and other weather protection measures. We aim to provide the best temporary protection possible — from Mother Nature as well as from other unwanted intruders.

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