The Impact Of Summer On Your Concrete 

 August 19, 2021

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It’s not uncommon for many regions to experience a lot of moisture in the early summer months.

The rain saturates the soil and can soften it, making concrete slabs sink. Unfortunately, rain and water can also wash away the dirt under and around concrete. This erodes the support underneath the concrete, causing it to crack and drop.

The impact of summer on your concrete

Dry weather and the hot summer sun can also dry out the soil around your home. As the moisture in the soil evaporates, the dirt shrinks – or takes up less space – impacting the stability underneath the concrete. Much like when the dirt is washed away, the lack of support can cause the concrete to crack and fall. While it may only drop a few inches or centimeters, it can dramatically impact the safety and quality of life for those who walk on it.

While weather patterns might feel like a never-ending cycle of concrete problems, there are simple and permanent fixes. Our company has provided countless homeowners with concrete repair by lifting their sunken sidewalk slab, repairing their cracked driveway, and, ultimately, restoring their curb appeal and safety around their home.

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