Concrete Tiles – Owings Mill, MD

Concrete Tiles – Owings Mill, MD

May 26, 2022
Alexis Wing

Concrete tile repair within a front foyer of a home.

This unique ask within a customer’s home gave our team the challenge of lifting and leveling tiles within the home. Within the photos, you will be able to see the “before” pictures around the edges where the tile was sinking. The “after” pictures showcase the work of using a poly level to help lift, level, and stabilize the tiles.

Concrete slabs are often poured on wet, weak, or poorly compacted soil. Over time, this will lead to settlement of the slab, causing uneven floors or cracking. Inside your home, your floor will pull away from walls and doorways, creating gaps at the seams.

This not only creates an uncomfortable home with tripping hazards, but it also significantly impacts property value. When prospective buyers have to deal with foundation issues, it can make selling a home very challenging.

The Solution

PolyLevel® is the solution to these problems

This is how the PolyLevel® system works to raise your sunken slab:

  • Very small sections of existing finished flooring are removed to access the slab
  • Penny sized holes are bored into the slab in each affected room
  • Polyurethane foam is injected through holes, where it expands and raises the slab
  • Foam is injected until the floor is level, reaching 90% rigidity within 30 minutes
  • Finished flooring is restored over injection holes

With our system, you get the best solution for sunken concrete available without creating significant upheaval in your home.

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