Does your concrete have freeze-thaw cycle damage? 

 August 19, 2021

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All concrete expands and contracts as temperatures rise and fall. The more extreme the temperature, the more extreme the movement, which significantly contributes to the formation of stress cracks and other damage.

Control joints (those straight lines cut into your concrete) are there to provide space for the concrete to crack in a controlled manner when it expands. Having read this far, what do you think happens when those cracks fill with water and freeze? That’s right! It either causes damage at the joint or forces an ugly uncontrolled crack elsewhere in the slab.

Regardless of how concrete cracks form, they are a cause for concern. During the freeze-thaw cycle, these cracks can take on water, which then freezes. This causes tiny pieces of concrete to break away from the edges of the crack or even force another crack to occur in a different direction.

Debris such as small pebbles in joints or cracks can also have this effect.

Does your concrete have freeze-thaw cycle damage? - Image 1

In this case, the solution is NexusPro:

a silicone-based sealant for joints and cracks specially formulated to provide long-lasting flexibility and stand up to harsh weather conditions. Unlike traditional polyurethane sealants, NexusPro resists UV rays, which means it won’t crack, bubble, or dry out. It is also a water impermeable to prevent ice from forming in the joints and cracks.

In more extreme cases, where there are longer expanses of concrete, CompressionGuard, a contractor-grade expansion joint, can prevent severe damage to homes, garages, and driveways.

Why fix it now?

For centuries, it was common practice to put off outdoor home-repair projects until warmer weather returned. These days though, at least when it comes to your concrete, it may not be necessary — and may not be wise.

The climate here in Pennsylvania is cold enough to cause some winter issues that affect concrete. Still, fortunately, it is rarely so cold that it prevents the application of these solutions. Care Concrete Solutions is committed to helping you get your concrete spaces functioning correctly and looking great no matter what the season. So, let us help you with a free inspection and no-cost quote.

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