Remodeling During A Pandemic: Everything You Need To Know  

 August 19, 2021

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Hygiene and Proper PPE use

State regulations and CDC guidelines state that both you and your contractor should wear a face mask during all interactions. It is also a good idea to request that people entering your home wear new disposable gloves and shoe covers. Everyone who comes into your home should sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting. The contractor or tradespeople should have hand sanitizer, but you could also have a bottle on hand at your front door as well.

Before you sign a contract for work to begin, ask about the safety practices employees follow at the contractor’s office and in the field. As the guidelines from the CDC have evolved throughout the pandemic, it is your contractor’s responsibility to know them and ensure employees follow the most current regulations.

Limit Exposure Indoors

The tricky thing about remodeling your home is that most of the work happens inside. However, you can plan for and limit the movement of the contractor’s team throughout your home.

The remodeling consultant, crew, and subcontractors should all practice social distancing of at least 6ft when possible. This can be difficult inside of a cramped workspace – like remodeling a bathroom, for example. Your project manager should keep you updated on what days the nature of their work will make social distancing difficult. You can also coordinate what days certain rooms will be worked on so that you can plan to stay in other areas of your home.

If you are comfortable with the remodeling crew using your bathroom, you can prepare by having a pathway cleared to the closest bathroom to the work area so the team does not need to touch anything, like opening doors. Of course, the crew should always follow the CDC guidelines to wash their hands. However, you can also supply sanitizing spray and wipes along with soap and hand sanitizer in your bathroom.

Find out about isolation

Your contractor should follow the most recent CDC guidelines, ensuring that any employee who shows symptoms of coronavirus or has been identified as close contact to someone testing positive will isolate for the required time before they return to work.

If anyone in your house shows symptoms or has potentially been exposed to coronavirus, you should delay the project – no matter what stage your remodel is in. If you plan to travel, book any appointments or work at least two weeks after your trip. Remember, construction employees go home to their families each night, and they should feel safe on the job.

Choose The Right Contractor

Before hiring a contractor for your remodeling project, do some research and read online reviews to ensure they are trustworthy and reliable. You want to feel comfortable with the team you are inviting into your home. It is entirely appropriate to ask about your contractor’s safety plans around COVID-19 and make sure that they have set precautions in place that everyone in their company follows.

From the beginning of the pandemic, C.A.R.E. Property Services has followed all CDC guidelines and has been able to continue working safely without any major disruptions or issues. We follow all the precautions mentioned above while also going above and beyond by fogging our vehicles regularly and requiring masks to be worn while traveling and in our offices to limit the number of chances for exposure significantly. We understand that this is an uncertain and concerning time for many families. However, our guiding principle has always been to treat each customer’s home as if it were our own, so we are committed to helping your keep your home clean, safe, and beautiful.

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